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Best Of Falguni Pathak (34 Tracks)

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Aayee Pades Se (4.55 MB)
Aayi Re Milan Ki Raat (4.29 MB)
Aayi Re Milan Rut (3.85 MB)
Aiyo Rama (4.34 MB)
Baba Mere Ye Jwani (5.6 MB)
Cham Cham Payliya (4.38 MB)
Chham Cham Payali8ya (4.41 MB)
Choori Jo Khanki (3.9 MB)
Ek Pagla Hai (3.91 MB)
Endra Meruwa Gai (4.06 MB)
Gulabi Gaal (3.71 MB)
Hai Re Mere Hua (3.67 MB)
Julmi Mela Mujhe (4.15 MB)
Maine Chudy Piravan (4.62 MB)
Mar Jani Jhanjir (4.01 MB)
Maro Gagro Re (5.58 MB)
Mene Payal Hai (4.14 MB)
Mer Aankhon Main (4.84 MB)
Mere Cuner Udd Udd Jaye (6.21 MB)
Meri Aankhon Mein Kajal (3.38 MB)
Meri Cuner Udd (6.24 MB)
Non Stop Garba (25.64 MB)
O Piya (4.4 MB)
Ooi Maa [new] (3.4 MB)
Pal Pal Teri Yaad (5.33 MB)
Pal Pal Teri Yaad Staye (5.51 MB)
Rim Jhiam (3.84 MB)
Sajna Tu Mat Jai Re (3.87 MB)
Sajna Tu Mat2 (3.88 MB)
Sawan Mainmorni (4.49 MB)
Teri Main (3.17 MB)
Teri Main Prem Diwani (4.03 MB)
Umbre Ubhi (3.38 MB)
Yaad Piya Ki Aane Lagy (3.92 MB)
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