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Malika Pukhraj and Tahira Syed

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Malika Pukhraj-aabhi To Mein Jawaan Hoon (7.4 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-are Meh Gissar Savere(1377) (2.81 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-bhala Bhi De Ise(1377) (2.78 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-dard Se Mere(1377) (2.19 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-jaise Ishq Ka Teer(1377) (3.58 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-khush Piya Wase(1377) (5.95 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-ko Ija Udiyan(1377) (4.53 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-mere Qatil(1377) (5.4 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-nighat Zulf Se Neendon(1377) (2.91 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-tere Ishq Ki Intiha(1377) (4.36 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-tu Kab Nahi Mujh Sa(1377) (3.66 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-wafa Ke Khwab(1377) (3.25 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-woh Baten Teri Who(1377) (2.55 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-woh Baten Teri Woh(1377) (2.55 MB)
Malika Pukhraj-ye Kaun Sakhi Hain(1377) (6.83 MB)
Tahira Syed - Allah Allah Karya Karo (6.23 MB)
Tahira Syed - Apna Har Andaz (6.65 MB)
Tahira Syed - Awwal Shab Woh (6.44 MB)
Tahira Syed - Baadban Khulnay Sey Pehley (5.79 MB)
Tahira Syed - Be Zubani Zuban Na Ho (7.15 MB)
Tahira Syed - Channa We Teri Channi (5.26 MB)
Tahira Syed - Es Dam Da Ki Bharosa (6.45 MB)
Tahira Syed - Jhanghar Phabdi Na (5.12 MB)
Tahira Syed - Kakli Kalyer Di (5 MB)
Tahira Syed - Main Kamli Diyan (5.81 MB)
Tahira Syed - Mehndi Se Likh Do (7.23 MB)
Tahira Syed - Raat Nasheeli Diyan (7.13 MB)
Tahira Syed - Too Chunni Le Surmai (4.97 MB)
Tahira Syed - Woh Ajnabi Tha (2.01 MB)
Tahira Syed - Woh Kehte Hain (4.91 MB)
Tahira Syed - Yeh Mehfil Jo Aaj (4.6 MB)
Tahira Syed -woh Baatein Teri (4.74 MB)
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